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Link Ford & RV has been in business for over 50 years. Being in business for that long doesn't just happen. Link's is Your Family's Auto & RV Dealer® That takes dedication to our customers, our community, our staff and our principles. When you walk through our doors, we don't look at you as just a customer, we look at you as person. Not just any person - a person with a problem. That problem may be needing service on you vehicle. It may be that you need to get the credit for your next vehicle that you haven't been able to find yet. Maybe you have a pre-owned ride in mind that you absolutely must have. That is where we come in.

Our dedicated and trained team of Solution Experts (known elsewhere as Sales Staff) are here to help you. Start anywhere you wish in the process: use our new Ford vehicle research page to find the information on any new Ford or Lincoln, PRE-OWNED CARS vehicle search, our easy breezy five minute credit application to get pre-approved. We even have a dedicated team of specialists, our Client Care Managers, who will assist you in all your research needs when finding the right car. Once you do find the right ride, we will help you set a VIP Appointment and get you the service you deserve!

Our dedication and service to you don’t stop there! Link Ford and RV has all of your vehicle needs covered too! We carry every Ford OEM Part you could need as well as hard to find parts and parts for every make and model in our Parts Department. Our premier Service Department will keep you on the road with Class A Certified service technicians that work on all makes and models, heavy duty and diesel techs for your Super Duties and even RVs, and weekly deals for your vehicle needs. Accident that dented your ride? No problem! Our body shop, Link Collision Center, works with almost every insurance company and has Class A Certified Body Technicians and painters on staff to make your vehicle like new again!

So no matter what your needs are, you are always welcome at Link Ford and RV. It is our job to serve you, and we want to make sure that you get what you need, when you need for an unbeatable price with unbeatable service!

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