Vehicle Financing

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Link Ford and RV believes in one simple idea: Everyone deserves vehicle financing. For those of you with great credit, it’s easy. For those of you with a credit history that’s not so great, it can be tough. That’s where Link Ford and RV’s comes in:

Our Easy Credit Solutions are due to a special relationship that we have with a large handful of banks and lenders that make it possible for us to extend automotive credit to almost anyone! It doesn’t matter if you have less than perfect credit, a divorce or bankruptcy, negative equity in your current ride or any other credit headache. NO WORRIES! We will do our best to offer you a loan that works.

Where to start? Looking to find the perfect financing match to get the right car in your budget? We have the right tools to help you get the best financing for your situation:

Apply For Credit: Get pre-approved today on a car loan that is right for you.
Sell Us Your Car: Get cash for your un-wanted vehicle TODAY!
Leasing Options: Get MORE car for less with no maintenance headaches and a NEW Ford or Lincoln.
Finance With Ford: Get manufacturer direct finance options with low rates and EXTRA rebates*
Specials & Promotions: Great Vehicles at Great Prices!
Automotive CPR: Get tips and tricks on how to improve your credit and get a new ride.

Let Link Ford & RV help you get the ride you deserve. Don't let credit get you down or make you worry.