Owner Advantage Rewards

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Get Rewarded
Owner Advantage Rewards is our way of saying thanks for each and every service visit. With Ford Service, you also get competitive prices, convenient hours and the expertise of Ford technicians.
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Membership Benefits
$10 enrollment bonus
5% credit toward future service visits
Oil change rewards
Select service rebates rolled into rewards
All vehicles in your household rewarded
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Earn rewards with every service visit
Every time you bring your Ford, or any other vehicle in your household in for service, you'll be rewarded with a 5% credit toward future visits. Just tell your Service Advisor you're an Owner Advantage Rewards member.
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Roll service rebates into rewards
Now you can roll the rebates you earn on The Works, tires, and other services into your rewards account.* To get started, go to FordOwner.com/rebates and click on "Get Your Service Rebates."
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Get your Mobile Member Card
Owner Advantage Rewards now has a mobile card, giving you instant access to your member information, service rewards balance and more. With your member number handy, go to rewards.ford.com/mobile on your smart phone or tablet device.**

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*Credit card rebates may not be applied to an Owner Advantage Rewards account. Applying rebates to an active Owner Advantage Rewards account may not be available in all areas. See us for rebate details. **Message and data rates may apply.